Cat Sitting:
In-home visits are a great alternative to boarding your cat. We know our cats are creatures of habit and would much rather stay at home than go on their own ‘vacation’. Visits are tailored to your cat’s needs with the focus on maintaining their routine & comfort. Included, of course, are food & water service, litter box cleaning and any medication needed, but also lots of attention to your cat the way they want it. If they get the ‘kitty crazies’ and want to play and run around like mad, that’s how we’ll spend our time. If they are more affectionate, there will be lots of cuddle time and chin scratches. Visits are typically 30 minutes. Deluxe Pet Care offers daily, as well as twice-a-day visits for cats with medical needs.

Additional cats: +$2/each

Medication administration: +8.
Insulin injection: +$8.
SQ fluid treatment: +$8.
Blood glucose check: +$10.
Nail trim: +


Medical Visits:

Medical visits are offered to either medicate your pet or help you become comfortable with the process. This service includes fluid therapy, injections, oral and transdermal medications.

Visit, up to first half hour: $40.
Each additional half hour: $20.

Additional Time:

Please note charges will apply for any time services are provided beyond the normal visit time. This can include emergency vet visits, medication pickup, or errands for food or supplies.

up to first half hour: $32.
Each additional half hour: $20.
This does not include the cost of care or supplies.

Holiday Charges:
Please note there is an additional $8 fee/day for all services rendered on holidays. Holidays include:
January 1 (New Year’s Day)
May – Memorial Day weekend (fri-sun)
April – Easter weekend (fri-sun)
July – Independence weekend (fri-sun)
September – Labor Day weekend (fri-mon)
October – Indigenous People’s Day weekend (fri-mon)
November – (Thanksgiving weekend (th-sun)
December 22-23-26-27-28-29-30-31 (Christmas Week)
There is an $10 fee/day for services rendered on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day.

Deluxe Pet Care does not offer boarding services.

Deluxe Pet Care does not offer overnights.